I’m attending the Climate Reality Leadership training in Denver! (can you spare a dime?)

The good guys.

Holy rising sea levels, Batman, I’ve been accepted to attend the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training!

The training takes place March 2−4 in Denver, CO. The Climate Reality Project is providing this training for free! All I have to pay for are my travel, lodging, and food expenses.

Climate Change awareness couldn’t come at a more urgent time. The White House deleted all references to climate change from its website within moments of Trump’s inauguration . Then they moved to do the same with the USDA, EPA, NASA, NOAA, and even the National Parks Service.

If our own government is muzzled, it becomes even more important for We the People to educate ourselves and speak up. As a citizen, scientist, and educator, I’d better get on it.

However…I could use a few bucks…about 2000 of them to be a little more precise. So I did something I never thought I’d do: I set up a GoFundMe to ask if you would, well, help fund me for the trip.

You see, the training is being held in downtown Denver in early March. Not exactly the cheapest place in the world and certainly not during its off-season as the planes are packed with skiers around that time.

Your support will allow me to cover my travel expenses, including roundtrip airfare from Baltimore to Denver from March 1 −5 , ground transportation, hotel in downtown Denver near the Convention Center, and meals.

I’ll be honest – i feel weird asking for help like this. It’s not my style and this hardly counts as a personal emergency. But it is what it is, so at the urging of some friends of mine, I’m holding out my hat.

What will you get in return? My undying gratitude at the very least, but I’d be happy to share with you what I’ve learned. If you have a group or a business that might benefit from the presentation, perhaps I can arrange a visit. Or maybe a Skype call to share with you what I’ve learned, or…well, we’ll figure something out.

So whaddya say? How about a few bones to help me get to Denver. I’d really appreciate it.


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