Happy New Site

Over the holidays, I decided to set up my faculty page at Towson University. I mean, now that I’ve been teaching there for a couple of years, I reckon it was about time. It’s a WordPress site and this is a WordPress site, so easy right? Um…let’s just say Towson uses a crippled version of WordPress, but I made do.

What started out as a quick and dirty project quickly evolved into two weeks’ worth of deep diving into WordPress. I’m not a PHP guy (my heart shall always belong to Lucee), but I really enjoyed learning more about child themes.

Since I promised my friends at the Westminster Astronomical Society I would revamp their website, this was my opportunity to do just that.

Being lazy, I decided to give this site a very similar treatment. I’m making use of WordPress’ TwentySeventeen theme. Granted, there are others that might be even better, but this was enough for me to learn on. I’ll probably come back and tweak a little more here and there, but the mission is accomplished. For now.


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