As above Is below

Andrew Consales is a senior at Towson University, majoring in video production with an emphasis on science communication. Andrew wasn’t a student in any of my classes, but I subbed in for his astronomy professor in October while she was forced to go to NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center with Towson’s astronomy majors. Tough gig.

After my lecture, Andrew invited me to chat about finding life elsewhere in our solar system as part of his semester-long video production project. The result is a short, but fascinating production featuring Dr. Amy Williams, Dr. Alex Storrs, and some other guy. Check it out:

Andrew clearly has some real chops as a filmmaker and wants to use his superpowers to help the public learn more about our world and our place in it. In fact, he made a fantastic video of what’s causing global warming (hint: it’s us) and what’s different about this warming cycle from warming cycles Earth experienced in the past (hint: see previous hint).

Give the man an A!

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