Juno Arrives at Jupiter

After a five-year journey, this happened:

Juno at Jupiter! Simulation from NASA's Eyes on the Solar System
Juno at Jupiter! Simulation from NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System

The image comes from NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System app, which uses real-time telemetry from the spacecraft to depict an accurate representation of the goings-on of NASA’s spacecraft that are out and about in the solar system.

I dabbled with this app before, but I’m looking forward to keeping tabs on Juno at Jupiter, Cassini at Saturn, and New Horizons in the Kuiper Belt, among other things. I should probably think about using this in the classroom because why the hell not?

A huge congrats to the folks at NASA JPL and Lockheed-Martin for executing a perfect orbital insertion maneuver. They make it look easy, but it takes a hell of a lot of work.

You can keep up with the mission at NASA’s Juno website, but if you loves some telemetry, get the Eyes app.

Now science!

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