Having a go at Ello


Last week I received an invite to Ello, the fancy new social network everyone is talking about but few are using (though that is rapidly changing as of this writing). It’s very new, but in my opinion not that fancy, at least not just yet.

Ello’s mission goals are to create a social network that is permanently free of advertising, guarantees the privacy of its users, and promises never to sell your personal info or anything you post to third parties. Others have tried this before and failed. But who knows, perhaps enough of the public have reached a tipping point with Facebook’s “All your data are belong to us” model. Time will tell.

I’ve tried other social networks before, but I find myself coming back to Ello from time to time and seeing what’s going on in there. I’ve already linked up with several longtime friends and even some Launch Pad and NASA Social friends as well so it very much has that “private party” sort of vibe to it.

Oh, and I’m on there as @christianready so feel free to link up if you’re on Ello.

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