A Math Major Talks About Fear

Saramoira Shields (aka Mathmatigal) is an avid gardner, actress, and an undergraduate majoring in Mathematics. She’s noticed something that is very similar to something I noticed as an undergrad, and that is most people are scared of Math[1. Actually, I noticed this myself when I was first presented with my first Math problem as well]. She decided to make a video that, I think, explains why these fears are understandable, but ultimately unfounded:

She sums it up very well: “Math is hard. You can do it. It’s not magic, it’s a skill.” And you can learn it. Ok fine, mastering Math may be another matter, but you can still learn it.

By the way, Saramoira looks like a pretty cool geek girl. And we know that Geek Girls have nothing to prove.

(h/t to Mike Brotherton)

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