Talking Solar System at the Berks County Amateur Astronomical Society

UPDATE June 11, 2013: Due to the predicted severe weather in the Reading, PA area, tomorrow night’s talk has been postponed to September 12 (right in the middle of hurricane season!)


Hot off the heels of my guest lecture on the Solar System at the Community College of Baltimore County, I’ve been invited back to the Berks County Amateur Astronomical Society in Reading, PA to discuss the same thing, which is a good thing as I’ll probably be teaching it in greater depth at the upcoming Launchpad Astronomy Workshop in July. From their website:

Our Solar System – Exploring Strange New Worlds in our Cosmic Back Yard

Our understanding of our Solar neighborhood has fundamentally changed over the last few decades.  What used to be just the Sun and 9 planets is now a celestial city of gas giants, rocky planets, ice giants, dwarf planets, asteroids, water worlds, and primordial comets all in orbit around a single star, our Sun.  In this talk, astronomer Christian Ready will discuss the similarities and differences of these worlds and what they can tell us about the formation and history of our Solar System.

There really is a lot going on in our Solar System nowadays, with active missions to Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Asteroid Belt, Saturn, and spacecraft on their way to Jupiter and Pluto. So what used to be considered an elementary topic in astronomy is being updated at a pretty remarkable rate. And of course there’s the whole Pluto controversy that will probably need to be discussed.

I enjoy giving these talks and if you’re in the Reading area, please feel free to drop by the Reading Public Museum on Thursday, June 13 September 12 2013 at 7:30 pm.

And since we’re still talking about Pluto, here’s a video I made explaining the whole mess:

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  1. Christian! I’ve been looking for you! I saw you many years ago at a con in Halifax. I’m on a con committee in Newfoundland and I’ve mentioned you several times as someone who would be a great guest, but I couldn’t remember your name. You still give talks? I’d love to suggest you to the committee if you are interested.

    1. Hi Tara,

      It’s great to hear from you! Yes, I still give talks although I’m no longer involved with the Hubble Space Telescope. Coming north to speak at a con up there would be a wonderful trip. Thanks for thinking of me!

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