Terra Lumina

One of the things I love about science is that it gives us insight into what would otherwise be a mysterious and confusing world to live in. True, there are things that we still don’t quite yet fully understand, but what we have learned in just a cosmic blink of an eye is truly astonishing.

But sometimes communicating science to the public is, ironically, a challenge for those who practice it. Thankfully, we have some incredible artists and science communicators who pick up the slack, and in so doing, not only excite the public, but those of us who already “know” science as well. The latest example:

Album artwork for Terra Lumina – Image credit: MelodySheep

Terra Lumina is a project by John D. Boswell and William Crowley, aka MelodySheep, the same artists who brought us the amazing Symphony of Science series. Unlike Symphony of Science, Terra Lumina is a collection of original music. Despite the lack of auto-tuned scientists, the music conveys the awe and beauty of the natural world. It’s a different vibe from some of the Symphony of Science work, and that’s entirely appropriate as there is more than one way to sing the universe’s praises.

If you want to get a taste, head over to the Terra Lumina website, or check out this really cool preview video:

Suffice to say, this just made my Wish List for this Christmas 🙂

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