And the wind cries Sandy

There are many ways of tracking Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the eastern United States, but look out any window right now and the first thing you’ll notice is the wind. Tree branches are blowing and when the gusts kick up, they really start bending.

There are plenty of sites out there to track Hurricane Sandy’s progress (for lack of a better word) but this interactive wind map of the United States has the best representation I’ve seen yet:

Wind Map as of October 29, 2012 10:59 am EDT. Image credit

Click that link and take a look – the map is an animation of the predicted wind speeds and direction across the continental United States. It gets updated once per hour and the result is a mesmerizing look at something that is otherwise invisible.

You can really get a good look at the wind activity in the east, and it will be interesting to see it evolve over time. Meanwhile, just gazing at the animation, I cannot help but think of a certain Jimi Hendrix song (with “Sandy” substituted for “Mary” 🙂 )

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